An Invitation

You’ve probably already heard that City Psalms is working on a brand new album. We are a movement, not a band, and we have been collaborating with an entirely new group of songwriters and musicians, adding to the voices that help lead us in songs that inspire prayer for Tucson.

Recording City Psalms Four. Photo by Daniel Hartman

Since the last album released, there have been some changes at City Psalms. City Psalms is now an official non profit organization. We have a board of directors, a budget, and a small but mighty marketing team (who may or may not be writing this blog post). We also started an in-person gathering for Tucson musicians where our goal is to inspire others to write, sing, and create for God’s glory using new and established methods in the Old Pueblo.

The other change is that we’re issuing an invitation. While City Psalms has always been songs about Tucson, written in Tucson for the people of Tucson (and some people who used to live in Tucson), we are taking our own advice for this fourth album and branching out from our own four walls. That means that we are inviting others, who may not live anywhere near Tucson, to be part of this journey. Just as a love song written about a specific individual can touch hearts and lives worldwide, we believe that songs inspired by a specific place - and by an omnipresent God - have a universal appeal.

Our songs are still songs of prayer inspired by and prayed over Tucson. On the latest album, you’ll hear lyrics that mention our monsoons, desert flowers, dusty roads, and other things that are uniquely Tucson. The only difference is that we’re stepping out of our comfort zone a little bit and inviting the rest of the country (and world) to listen and enjoy as well. We want others to be inspired to love and to pray for wherever they call home, and we hope that our music will have even a small role in that.

What does that mean?

On August 26, we will open up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund City Psalms Four. This was an intentional decision, and a scary decision, as we’re not quite as protected as we would be if we stayed in our Tucson bubble. It also means that if we don’t reach our fundraising goal, we won’t see a penny of the money pledged. We’re stepping out in faith, trusting that God is going before us and leading us and that He can do more that we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Tucson inspires our songwriting and we want to share that inspiration - whether locally or globally

You can help!

Your role is vital as we make this transition. You can play a part by sharing about our Kickstarter, by pledging however much you can, and by sharing how City Psalms has impacted you during the six weeks of fundraising. If you’ve previously been sad that your friends and family in other cities didn’t have something as amazing as City Psalms (we say in all humility), now is the time to share it with them. Tell what the music has meant to you, when you listen to it, how it makes you feel, how you love singing along with specific City Psalms songs during your church service.

Speaking of church services, if you work at a Tucson church, we’ll have lots of ways to help you bring this unique Tucson music into your church. From a Holy Communion song to albums to backing tracks, we have been working with some local worship pastors to figure out how we can help make your lives easier. And if we reach our stretch goal (a goal where we raise more than our minimum amount needed), we’ll be able to record some videos that help worship pastors and their team members learn the basic components of these songs.

Musicians from City Psalms Four lead worship at Elements City Church. Photo by Aaron Tremblay

Based on the response that our new music received at the Tucson Worship Conference and a few other events, you will love the songs on City Psalms Four. We are so excited to share it with the world (literally!) and can’t wait for you to hear it.

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