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A stunning gallery of visual art submitted by local artists capturing aspects of Tucson that feel like home, this unique Community Art Collection is filled with photographs, artwork, sculptures, and sights that every Tucsonan is familiar with. Melding local visuals, art, and music lyrics together with Scripture and prayers for our city, this coffee table book is especially useful during this time when our connection with each other and our favorite places is limited. 


In partnership with 17 local organizations, the hardback book has been professionally crafted with over 100 high-quality pages, colorful images, and engaging design work, including contributions by over 30 local artists. It truly is a visual keepsake intended to move you in such a way as to experience a deeper sense of God's goodness and love and a greater awareness of His active presence in our community. 


These books are LIMITED EDITION and HAND-NUMBERED with ONLY 302 COPIES in print. 



“WOW!  Your new book HOME literally made me weep, smile, and admire the beautiful images along with the declarations of God’s promises.  The anointing translated through the pages. VERY WELL DONE!”


- Lisa Chastain, CEO of Gospel Rescue Mission

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