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These songs are prayers for our hometown and ideas that challenge us to explore how to be the love of Christ in our city. Each album is written and recorded by songwriters and musicians from different backgrounds and congregations across Tucson.

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These songs celebrate the reconciling work of Jesus and our identity as temples of His Holy Spirit, flowing with living water for our community. May these songs assist in breaking down the hard ground of our hearts, in acknowledging the wounds we’ve received and given. May they help in the lamenting and confessing that are the necessary precursors to reconciliation. And may His Spirit flow right through the homes, schools, parks, and businesses of our beloved city.

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Un Buen Lugar is a song of blessing for our town, our beautiful home. It's our prayer that Tucson would be a good place for everyone -- a good place to work, to play, to raise a family, to grow up in, and to live in. Our desire is for our city to be a place of peace, freedom, justice, and good emotional, mental, and physical health. And ultimately, we desire for the people of Tucson to experience the goodness of God and the love of Jesus.

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Laments was born from a desire to musically contextualize the biblical book of Lamentations to our current culture. The songwriting process was heavily shaped, in real time, by the pandemic outbreak, national riots, and the many untold challenges of 2020. The result is an album of self-reflection and questioning, anger toward the evil we experience in our world, and a longing for things to be made right. 

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This town we live in is a place we call home. In a similar way, we can rest in the promise that God has made His home with us. This album is a declaration that Jesus has come to bring life and light into our city. His presence in our community means we no longer need to pursue darkness and a culture of death. His victory over hopelessness and the grave is great news for everyone.



Over the past several years our culture has experienced widening division. The songs on this album express a deep conviction about the barriers that exist between congregations in our city. Martin Luther King, Jr. is famously quoted as saying, "It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o'clock on Sunday morning." Positive change is happening in Tucson and we are resolved to be an answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17 - that we would be one as He and the Father are one.



We’ve begun to catch glimpses of the Church working together in prayer, service, and love, but it’s not always easy. We’ve found ourselves often skeptical of each other, not given to cooperation and unity. These songs have become an expression of our desire for Jesus’ to continue healing and remaking each of us in our inmost places, so that His love flows out beyond our four walls, and into the heart of the city we love.

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These songs are prayers for our hometown, and ideas that challenge us to explore how to be the love of Christ in our city. We hope they encourage and challenge you, too. The overall theme of this collection of songs is waking up to a beautiful, cracked, dry city that needs the love of God and His people, and a direct petition to God to show us how and where to begin.

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